Grenade Official Expresses Discontent With Events Promoters Who Bounced Him At Lydia Jazmine’s Concert


Singer Grenade Official voiced his discontent over being bounced from performing at Lydia Jazmine’s concert.

The concert, dubbed First Born, was held on 1st March 2024 at the Sheraton Hotel Kampala.

Several musicians showed up to show their support for Lydia Jazmine, including Grenade Official.

Regrettably, Grenade was not given the chance to display his talent, alleging that he was turned away by the event organizer.

This incident left him feeling humiliated, especially when he arrived with his entourage only to be directed to enter alone, leaving his companions outside.

Moreover, Grenade stated that he was present and prepared to perform when he was suddenly asked to wait outside, leading to Lydia Jazmine performing their collaboration solo.

Grenade Official

Grenade conveyed his dissatisfaction with the concert organizers, urging them to treat musicians with respect.

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He cautioned that if such disrespect persists, artists may contemplate organizing their own concerts.


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