Grenade Official Recounts Pallaso Sending Him to Prison Over a Pair of Shoes


During a recent interview on Galaxy TV, singer Grenade Official, real name Deus Ndugwa, recounted an incident where fellow singer Pallaso sent him to prison over a pair of shoes.

According to Grenade Official, he had been living with Pallaso for some time and considered him a parental figure. However, their relationship soured due to a disagreement about a pair of shoes.

Grenade explained that one of Pallaso’s brothers, Henry, had given him the shoes. When Henry returned abroad, Pallaso approached Grenade and demanded that he hand over the shoes, claiming they were not meant for him something Grenade refused to comply with.

Rather than surrendering the shoes, Grenade made the decision to leave Pallaso’s home and find a new place to live as he was determined to hold onto the pair of shoes.

Grenade Official

Grenade revealed that Pallaso searched for him relentlessly, and one day, he found Grenade at the Auto Spa hangout spot wearing the same shoes and a white shirt.

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It is here that Pallaso confronted him and physically assaulted him before taking him to Kibuye Police Station, where Grenade spent a week in custody before managing to escape from the cell.

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