Grenade Official Reveals How He Met Sheilah Gashumba and How She Could Foot Bills at Their Romantic Dates


During an interview on Galaxy FM’s Deep Talk Show with Mr Henrie, Grenade Official shared the story of how he first met Sheilah Gashumba and how they would go on dates at luxurious venues.

According to Grenade, they crossed paths at Serena Hotel in Kampala, where Sheilah caught his attention with her elegant and beautiful attire.

He believed that Sheilah felt the same way, as she never played hard to get when he reached out to her asking for a place in her heart.

Grenade mentioned that Sheilah took the initiative to invite him to an expensive spot in Kampala and generously covered all the expenses, as he didn’t have much money at the time.

As their dates continued, Grenade managed to win over Sheilah’s heart, although their relationship didn’t endure for long.

Grenade Official, Rickman Manrick, Sheilah Gashumba

Grenade emphasized that despite his financial limitations, he took great care of himself and was considered a charming young man.

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However, it is worth noting that Sheilah Gashumba has consistently denied ever being romantically involved with Grenade Official.


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