Grenade Official Shares His Failed Attempt to Lure Tiwa Savage Into Spending a Night Together

Renowned musician Grenade Official recently revealed that he came close to convincing Nigerian artist Tiwa Savage to spend a night with him.

Grenade explained that he was introduced to Tiwa Savage by Eddy Kenzo during her visit to Uganda a few years ago, and he quickly developed feelings for her.

However, Grenade’s plans were thwarted by Wizkid, who he claims was romantically involved with Tiwa Savage at the time.

Despite this setback, Grenade shared that Tiwa Savage mentioned his name during their interactions. Grenade remains hopeful that he will have the opportunity to fulfil his desire to spend a night with Tiwa Savage in the future.

He also expressed confidence in his ability to connect with other high-profile individuals such as Kylie Jenner and Amber Rose, emphasizing that his efforts to attract women are based on his appearance and self-care.

Grenade Official

Grenade Official’s revelation about his almost successful attempt to woo Tiwa Savage has caused quite a stir in the music industry.

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Fans and critics alike have been quick to weigh in on the situation, with many expressing surprise at Grenade’s boldness and persistence in pursuing the Nigerian superstar.


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