Grenade Official’s Plea to The Government: Ban International Musicians, Prioritize Local Artists


Singer Grenade Official pleads for the ban of international musicians, emphasizing the need to support and uplift local talent.

He suggests implementing strict guidelines for promoters to ensure that international musicians are bypassed in favour of supporting homegrown artists.

This approach would not only boost the local music industry but also provide opportunities for aspiring talent to showcase their skills.

By encouraging promoters to focus on local acts, the government can help nurture and develop the country’s music scene, fostering creativity and innovation.

Grenade Official

Grenade made this plea during his appearance on Next Media‘s NBS TV, highlighting the incomparable talent of Uganda’s Sheebah to Nigeria’s Tems.

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Grenade Official’s remarks have since sparked a debate within the music industry. While some argue that this approach would boost the local music industry and provide opportunities for aspiring talent, others believe that it goes against the principles of a free market economy where fans should have the freedom to choose from both local and international artists.


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