Gunmen Reportedly Rob Chris Evans Kaweesi En route to Luwero For a Performance


Sad reports on our news desk indicate that singer Chris Evans Kaweesi and his team were robbed clean by gunmen en route to Luwero for a performance.

It is reported that while on their way for a performance in Ngoma-Luwero, Chris Evans and the team encountered a roadblock allegedly set up by individuals posing as army officers.

The occupants of the vehicle were forced to exit and were subsequently robbed of their possessions, including cash amounting to Ugx 7M, electronic devices, and other valuables.

Despite being robbed, Chris Evans managed to use a spare phone that was not taken to contact his friends and family about the incident.

Chris Evans Kaweesi

This incident involving Chris Evans occurs during a time when theft, particularly involving individuals impersonating army personnel, is on the rise in the country.

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As of now, there is limited information available about Chris Evans and his team, but we will provide updates as more details emerge.


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