Haffy Powers has no kind words for Prima Kadarshi over branding female TV presenters’ wigs dirty

BBS Terefayina host Haffy Powers real name Hasifa Nabbanja has publicly criticized Prima Kadarshi’s act of attacking female TV presenters, particularly Mom19.

Yesterday, Prima Kadarshi took to her personal Facebook account and vented her frustration with female TV presenters for wearing wigs and outfits she deemed dirty, no gym, no skincare, and poor shoe selection before urging them to elevate their lifestyles to give a good image for the viewers.

Prima’s submission, however, garnered tremendous criticism from social media users and journalists, including Haffy Powers who expressed her disappointment with her for always putting fellow women down.

During her show, Haffy Powers revealed that Prima Kadarshi has no moral authority to pull anyone down, as her self-confidence has just been boosted after bleaching and gym workouts.

Haffy Powers, Prima Kadarshi

Haffy Powers maintains that before bleaching and all other self-makeovers, she had no confidence as her old photos depict before daring her to trim her hair short.

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Furthermore, Haffy noted that Prima is chasing clout, urging her to refrain from attacking fellow women with many responsibilities as they can’t use their salaries on skin bleaching or purchase wigs to impress the public.


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