Hajat Kulthum Sheds Tears Revealing The Person Who Leaked Pretty Nicole's Private Videos


Hajat Kulthum becomes emotional and sheds tears as she discloses the identity of the person responsible for leaking Pretty Nicole’s private videos.

Yesterday, social media was abuzz with the emergence of Pretty Nicole’s videos, causing a stir among netizens.

These explicit videos left everyone stunned, pondering over the identity of the individual who had leaked them onto the internet.

During a conversation with YouTuber SB4, Hajat Kulthum Nabunya unveiled the truth behind the video leak, attributing it to Nicole’s Canada-based boyfriend.

Hajat Kulthum explained that in one of Nicole’s interviews, she had mentioned having a boyfriend who worked as a photographer.

Pretty Nicole

This seemingly innocent revelation had infuriated Nicole’s boyfriend in Canada, leading him to request Nicole’s sister’s contact information and subsequently threatening to expose her nude videos on social media.

The devastating news broke that the man had indeed leaked the videos online, leaving Hajat Kulthum overwhelmed with sadness.

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Hajat Kulthum went on to clear the air and firmly asserted that Queen Germany was not responsible for the leak of Pretty Nicole’s videos, but rather it was her ex-boyfriend.


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