“He Wants to Visit Me First” Shakira Shakiraa on What Has Delayed Her Collaboration With Eddy Kenzo


Renowned singer Shakira Shakiraa’s rise to stardom in the Ugandan music industry has been nothing short of remarkable.

One of the most notable aspects of her career is her extensive list of collaborations, as she has had the privilege of working with some of the most respected musicians in Uganda, including King Saha, David Lutalo, and Pallaso, among others.

These collaborations have not only allowed her to showcase her talent alongside other talented artists but have also helped her reach new audiences and expand her fan base.

Recently, Shakira Shakiraa expressed her eagerness to collaborate with Eddy Kenzo, another prominent figure in the Ugandan music scene.

However, she revealed that Eddy Kenzo had expressed his desire to visit her home before proceeding with the collaboration.

Shakira Shakira

The purpose of this visit remains undisclosed, leaving fans and industry insiders curious about the nature of their meeting.

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Shakira Shakiraa is currently contemplating Eddy Kenzo’s request, carefully considering the implications and potential benefits of their joint project.

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