Hellen Lukoma Ready to Offer Guidance to Kataleya and Kandle During This Challenging Time


Singer Hellen Lukoma has shown her readiness to assist singers Kataleya and Kandle, despite their previous verbal exchange.

It is worth mentioning that Kataleya and Kandle had a fallout with their management, Theron Management, for reasons best known to the two parties.

As a result, they have been absent from the public eye and their performances since came to a halt.

Nevertheless, Lukoma has expressed her willingness to provide guidance to the duo during this challenging period.

Kataleya and Kandle

She emphasized that Kataleya and Kandle, being budding singers in the music industry, should focus on building their careers rather than engaging in petty disputes.

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Lukoma further urged anyone who knows the whereabouts of the singing duo to inform her, as she is prepared to offer her assistance, drawing from her own experience of working with girl groups.


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