Henry Mwanje's Girlfriend Nabs Him Cheating in The Car | VIDEO


According to a video clip obtained by this website, local singer Henry Mwanje was reportedly caught cheating in a car with an unidentified woman.

The two individuals, who appeared to be engaged in infidelity, were confronted by a woman who seemed to be Henry Mwanje’s girlfriend.

She surrounded the car and exposed how the singer had deceived her by claiming he was going somewhere when in reality, he had planned to cheat on her with another woman.

In her anger, she hurled insults and demanded that the people inside the car open the door, but they hesitated.

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As she reached for a stone to break the car’s windshield, Henry Mwanje emerged from the vehicle, and a physical altercation ensued when his girlfriend grabbed the woman he was with.

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However, some internet users speculate that this incident may be a publicity stunt orchestrated by musicians to gain public attention and subsequently release new music.


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