Jameson And Friends Returns in 2024, Promises Grander And More Impressive Experience


Talent Africa Group is excited to announce the return of the inaugural edition of “Jameson and Friends” in 2024. This highly anticipated event will take place on January 27th at the iconic 5th Street Industrial Area, starting from 4:00 PM till late.

As we welcome the new year, “Jameson and Friends” aims to create an unforgettable experience where friends can bond, connect, and make lasting memories. It goes beyond just a night out; it’s about starting the year with positive energy, great company, and the opportunity to share experiences and expand social circles.

Every aspect of this event has been meticulously planned to ensure the ultimate experience. Soccer enthusiasts will have the chance to strengthen bonds and forge new connections while enjoying the AFCON tournament. Additionally, they can win exciting prizes while savouring delicious Jameson cocktails.

Talent Africa Group, renowned for organizing dynamic events, has once again raised the bar for this year’s edition. The lineup of artists is unparalleled, promising an electrifying performance that will keep attendees on their feet throughout the night. Carsten, Lukas Blacc Ambroy Ngaruye, Adele Kiele, Viana Indi, Dj Mas, Dj Jeffas, Dj kasBaby, Dj Tony, and Dj Heydez, all known for their vibrant mixes, infectious energy, and seamless blending of music genres, will create an atmosphere of positive vibes and rhythm. This will provide the perfect opportunity for friends to bond, expand their social circles, and connect while enjoying the smooth sophistication of a Jameson cocktail.

In the year 2024, we are embarking on a journey to expand our community, embrace happiness, and commemorate the beauty of unity through shared experiences. We firmly believe that life becomes more fulfilling when we come together. This extraordinary occasion, seamlessly transitioning from day to night, encapsulates the essence of togetherness, highlighting the fact that our experiences are enhanced and etched into our memories when we share them with friends, while also broadening the horizons of our community.

Jameson And Friends

“Jameson and Friends” is not just an event; it is a jubilation of connections, art, and the delight of shared moments. We invite you to join us at the Design Hub, Industrial Area on January 27th for an unforgettable night that will leave you with cherished memories and a tribe that will feel like family.

To foster stronger bonds and connections among attendees, we have limited tickets available now at TagTicketing.com, priced at a reasonable 20,000 UGX. Alternatively, you can also dial 16598 on MTN to secure your spot. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to celebrate the beginning of the year with friends, music, and a complimentary cocktail to raise a toast to new beginnings.

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“Jameson and Friends” is proudly presented by Talent Africa Group, an innovative and leading event management company committed to curating extraordinary experiences for its audience. This event is made possible in collaboration with Safe Boda and Jameson.


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