Jenifer Full Figure Has No Kind Words For John Ssegawa


Renowned movie actor and director John Ssegawa has faced harsh criticism from presidential advisor, veteran singer and media personality Jenifer Full Figure.

Jenifer Full Figure expressed her disappointment towards Ssegawa’s continuous attacks on her and her show with Charles James Ssenkubuge at Salt TV.

She warned Ssegawa to cease his attacks, emphasizing that she has worked hard to establish her life and brand.

Full Figure also mentioned that Ssegawa and his crew never gave her an opportunity, claiming that she was not considered attractive compared to other individuals.

While acknowledging that Ssegawa may have issues with Ssenkubuge, Full Figure made it clear that she did not want to be involved in their drama.

Jenifer Full Figure

She reminded him of her influential position and warned him that his incessant attacks would not go unanswered.

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As a presidential advisor who employs a significant number of people, Full Figure demanded respect from Ssegawa, before vowing to retaliate if he continued to attack her incessantly.


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