John Ssegawa Has No Kind Words For Douglas Lwanga's Demeaning Remarks Towards Local Films.


Movie director and actor John Ssegawa has voiced his criticism towards TV presenter Douglas Lwanga for belittling local films.

Ssegawa, known for his outspokenness regarding local content, expressed his dissatisfaction with Lwanga’s alleged demeaning remarks about Ugandan movies on his NBS TV show, After5.

John Ssegawa found it disheartening that Lwanga questioned whether Ugandans actually consume local films, something that left a sour taste in his mouth.

The veteran actor emphasized that individuals like Douglas Lwanga should be promoting local movies instead of disrespecting the hard work of Ugandans.

He highlighted the fact that every Ugandan music video incorporates elements of filmmaking and is broadcast on almost every television in the country.

John Ssegawa, Kato Lubwama

Furthermore, Ssegawa revealed that Lwanga, by adorning flashy accessories and borrowed outfits, falsely believes himself to be extraordinary.

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In addition, Ssegawa made it clear that those who criticize local creations have previously approached him, pleading for a chance to feature in his movies.

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