Jose Chameleone, Weasel, and Pallaso’s Father, Mr. Gerald Mayanja, Plans to Dig Own Grave Before Passing.

Jose Chameleone, Weasel, and Pallaso’s father, Mr. Gerald Mayanja, has made a solemn vow to personally dig his own grave before his passing.

In a heartfelt revelation during an interview with Spark TV, Mr. Mayanja expressed his gratitude towards God for the years he has lived and stated that he no longer fears death.

As a symbolic gesture of appreciation, he has decided to prepare his final resting place by digging his own grave.

While he has not yet determined the exact date to commence this undertaking, Mr. Gerald Mayanja assured that it will not be long, possibly within a year.

Mr Geral Mayanja

He emphasized that he is not the first nor the last person to make such a decision, and he drew the inspiration from his colleague, Besweli Mulondo, who had also dug his own grave and was laid to rest without causing any inconvenience.

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Mr. Mayanja’s intention is to create a sense of gratitude and readiness for his eternal home. By taking this initiative, he hopes to honour his life and the blessings he has received.

Mr. Gerald Mayanja explains why he wants to dig his own grave pic.twitter.com/vTpcx1QMDV

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