Juma Wasswa Balunywa Detained at Jinja Road Police Station After Being Dropped From 2024 MUBS Guild Elections


Juma Wasswa Balunywa, a former contender for the role of guild president at Makerere Business School (MUBS), was blocked from aspiring for the position, before being apprehended and detained at Jinja Road Police Station earlier this evening.

Earlier today 7th March 2024, Juma was removed from the list of nominees for guild president due to allegations of retakes.

Despite vehemently denying these allegations over the past few weeks and considering them unfounded attempts to tarnish his reputation, it appears that these concerns have hindered his ability to compete for the position of guild president in 2024.

Following the announcement that Juma Wasswa Balunywa would not be included on the ballot paper, chaos erupted at the institution, prompting the intervention of the police to restore order.

Juma Wasswa Balunywa

During this process, Juma Wasswa Balunywa was apprehended and detained at Jinja Road Police Station, as confirmed by his campaign manager, Enricho Mc.

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After his arrest, his followers besieged the police station, insisting on the liberation of their candidate.

Juma Wasswa Balunywa’s Campaigning Manager Enricho Mc Explaining what happened at MUBS on Nomination Day (Full Details)>> https://t.co/SkZllcamQ7 || #NzeKookie pic.twitter.com/6IjQyOa1Vg

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