Kapa Cat exposes her mother for failing to support her after a tragic car accident

During an interview, Kapa Cat expressed her discontent with the fact that her mother did not provide the emotional support she needed while she was in the hospital recovering from an accident.

In the middle of 2022, Kapa Cat survived a severe car accident that required her to undergo surgery on one of her legs.

Despite the traumatic experience she went through, Kapa revealed that her mother hesitated to visit her in the hospital because she believed her daughter had staged a public stunt to gain sympathy from the public.

While on the path to recovery, Kapa Cat and her manager visited her mother in a wheelchair, even though she (mother) had not been there to support her during her illness.

Kapa Cat

Kapa Kat expressed her disappointment that her mother did not reciprocate the support she had received from her during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The singer went on to mention that her mother did not provide her with emotional guidance during her upbringing, instead subjecting her to harsh treatment and demoralizing insults.

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Furthermore, Kapa noted that despite her mother’s harsh treatment, she still loves her as she is, and she urged all mothers, both current and future, to always nurture their children’s emotions as it shapes their behavior in society.


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