Kayzzi's Latest Release “Cheatinga” Earns Tremendous Traction on TikTok – Exclusive Bizz


Kayzzi’s latest music project dubbed ‘Cheatinga’, has quickly gained attention from TikTokers. This is Kayzzi’s first music release of 2024 and it has already connected him with some of Uganda’s top content creators.

Kayzzi’s love for Hip-hop and Rap has fueled his unique music style, which has resonated with his growing fan base.

His previous songs, such as ‘Let’s Be One’, ‘Girlfriend’, ‘Mutuleke’, and ‘Obadde Okimanyi’, have laid a solid foundation for his future success in the competitive local music industry.

In 2022, Kayzzi visited Artin Pro’s Axtra Nation studios in Makindye to record what many consider to be his biggest song to date.

‘Cheatinga’, written by Kayzzi himself, sheds light on the prevalent issue of cheating in society. With catchy beats and humorous lyrics, it’s a song that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Listeners will find the song relatable as Kayzi hilariously mentions well-known figures like God’s Plan and Eddy Kenzo, who have faced their fair share of relationship troubles.


While Kayzi’s delivery may still be inexperienced, it shows great potential for a bright future in the music industry, reminiscent of artists like Mun G and Fik Fameica.

The song has already gained traction on TikTok, capturing the attention of popular local TikTokers such as Cephco, KetsVybz (Winnie wa Mummy), Richie256, and Puma Pokino. These influencers have used the song’s audio for their own challenges, further boosting its popularity.

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The music video for ‘Cheatinga’, directed by Deromak Film Productions, visually captures the essence of the song’s lyrics.

About Kayzzi:
Kayzi, real name Fred Kakooza M, is a Ugandan Rapper, Songwriter, and Performer.

He was born in Kawempe and raised in Kisaasi. His passion for music began in high school at Kakungulu High School in Bombo in 2009. Kayzi officially started his professional music career in January 2022.


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