King Saha Calls Out X User Mwesigye Frank For Messaging His Wife With an Intent of Snatching Her


During a recent TikTok livestream singer King Saha took a bold step by publicly calling out a Twitter user named Frank Mwesigwa.

The reason behind this public confrontation was Frank’s persistent advances towards Saha’s wife, which deeply disappointed the singer.

In his livestream, Saha accused Frank of constantly messaging girls and referring to them as “babies,” which he found highly inappropriate and disrespectful.

The singer expressed his concern about Frank’s behaviour, highlighting the fact that he portrays a lavish lifestyle on social media despite his financial struggles.

According to King Saha, Frank flaunts numerous cows and cars to entice girls into his web of deceit, which he finds manipulative and deceitful.

The situation became personal for King Saha when Frank sent a message to his wife, crossing a line that the singer could not ignore.

King Saha

In response, King Saha decided to confront Frank publicly, warning him about the potential consequences of his actions.

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The singer emphasized the risk of physical harm if Frank continues this behaviour while staying in lodges, implying that there are people who might take matters into their own hands to protect their loved ones.


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