King Saha Wishes For All His Enemies To Perish Including Bebe Cool


Singer King Saha has expressed his strong feelings towards his longtime nemesis Bebe Cool through a dreadful prayer.

Over the years, King and Bebe Cool have had a strained relationship for reasons best known to them.

King Saha has consistently used his musical talent to criticize and attack Bebe Cool, as seen in his song “Zakayo”.

During a recent live TikTok broadcast, King Saha once again launched a verbal war against Bebe Cool. In his prayer, King Saha requested that his enemies meet their demise as soon as possible.

He cryptically mentioned Bebe Cool as one of his adversaries and expressed his desire for him to perish.

Saha emphasized that his enemies are his biggest problem, stating that he could pray for more than two weeks solely for their downfall.

King Saha

Furthermore, he expressed his disappointment with God, believing that He has granted them numerous blessings, only for their enemies to feel envious and resentful.

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Saha went on to wish that God would cause the cars driven by his enemies and their occupants to crash.


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