Late Evelyn Lagu's Son Fred Kasavu Checked Into Rehab As He Grapples With Mental Health – Exclusive Bizz


Fred Kasavu, the son of the late singer Evelyn Lagu, was recently checked into rehabilitation as per the latest reports.

It appears that Fred has been grappling with mental health challenges ever since his mother’s unfortunate demise last year.

It is worth mentioning that Fred’s deep affection for his mother led him to make the selfless decision of donating his kidney to her, as she was battling kidney failure.

Regrettably, the doctors advised against the transplant, which was supposed to take place in Turkey, resulting in her reliance on dialysis and eventual passing.

The immense trauma caused by his mother’s loss profoundly affected Fred, leading him to turn to substance abuse.

Evelyn Lagu, Freddie Kasavu

Consequently, the combination of drugs and the overwhelming grief over his mother’s passing took a toll on his mental well-being, necessitating his admission to a rehabilitation centre.

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Thankfully, Fred is showing positive progress in response to the treatment, and it is anticipated that he will be discharged from rehab shortly.


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