Linc and Veve’s I Found Love Showcases Unwavering Commitment

Lincoln and Yvette Murangira, commonly referred to as Linc and Veve, are a wedded duo who express their friendship and affection through the medium of music.

They embarked on their musical journey in approximately 2021 and have subsequently released a few collaborative tracks.

Renowned for their expertise in the Easy listen music genre, this couple is recognized for infusing delightful melodies into their relationship.

One of their notable compositions is “I FOUND LOVE,” which serves as a testament to their profound love and connection.

Linc and Veve

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“I FOUND LOVE” is a heartfelt composition intended to spread and convey love, with the sincere hope that everyone may experience the profound joy it brings.

Next week, they will be commemorating their anniversary and releasing a new music project.


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