List of 10 Female Music Groups Uganda Has Ever Had


Uganda has been fortunate to have witnessed the emergence of several remarkable female music groups that played a significant role in the development of the country’s music industry.

Although some of these music groups have disbanded, their impact on the industry remains evident as their music continues to resonate with audiences.

  1. The I-Jay music group consisted of talented singers Irene Namubiru and Juliana Kanyomozi. They released an album before parting ways, featuring songs like “White,” “Emirimu,” “Make It True,” “Not good enough,” and many others.
  2. Obsessions was another sensational girl group that made their mark with songs like “Wekuume,” “Jangu,” “Baagala Twawula,” and more.
  3. HB Toxic, formed by former members of Obsessions, gained recognition for their hit song “Nkufuling.”
  4. Viva Stars also left a lasting impression on the Ugandan music scene with their song “Second Chance.”
  5. Dream Galz released popular tracks such as “Weekend” and “Wandekangawo.”
  6. The Wafagio, a dancehall girl group, made waves with their song dubbed “Mukidongo.”
  7. Chilli Galz captivated audiences with songs like “Tweyagale” and “Tosangika.”
  8. Blu 3, a trio comprising renowned singers Lilian Mbabazi, Jackie Chandiru, and Cindy Sanyu, continues to thrive in their solo careers. They are set to perform at their highly anticipated reunion concert on Women’s Day this year. Their repertoire includes songs like “Kankyakyankye,” “Nzijukira,” “Nze Manyi,” and many more.
  9. City Rock Entertainment rose to stardom with their collaboration with singer King Saha on the song “Teddy.”
  10. The latest addition to the female music group scene is Warafiki, signed under Fenon Records. This trio has already released a song dubbed “Bwe Kati,” which has amassed tremendous airplay since its release. The trio also recently sang their rendition of the Uganda National Anthem at the G77 summit in Munyonyo.
  11. Kataleya and Kandle, who are under the label Theron Music, have also demonstrated their exceptional skills in the music industry. Their repertoire includes popular tracks such as Katono and Binkolele, along with numerous others.

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