Lydia Jazmine Finds Azawi's Comments On Her Music Release Timing Disrespectful


Singer Lydia Jazmine considers Azawi’s comments about her delayed music release to be disrespectful.

During an interview with Galaxy TV last year, Azawi revealed that she had written several songs for Lydia Jazmine, some of which had not been released.

This left Azawi perplexed and questioning the reason behind Lydia Jazmine’s decision.

However, Jazmine did not take kindly Azawi’s remarks and found them disrespectful coming from a fellow singer at Swangz Avenue.

Jazmine emphasized that she always pays for the songs written for her and it is her prerogative to decide when to release them.

Lydia Jazmine

She adds that she holds all musicians in high regard, including Azawi and expects them to reciprocate the same energy.

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Furthermore, Jazmine expressed the importance of women empowering each other, especially female musicians, rather than pulling each other down.


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