Lydia Jazmine Refutes Beefing Rema Namakula, Wishes Her the Best at Her Coming Concert


Renowned singer Lydia Jazmine denies holding any grudge against fellow singer Rema Namakula before endorsing her upcoming Melodies of Love concert.

During a press conference held yesterday, Lydia Jazmine stated that the rumours about her supposed conflict with Rema Namakula are merely propaganda aimed at damaging their relationship.

Jazmine further emphasized that she holds great respect for other artists’ brands and families, and she supports all musicians, even those she has never physically met.

She went on to express her best wishes for Rema Namakula’s forthcoming concert on 23rd February 2024, urging Jazmine fellow musicians to come out and show their support.

Lydia jazmine; Levixone; Roast and Rhyme Jahazi Pier Munyonyo

Jazmine acknowledged that the music industry has ample space, love, and fans, and she believes that most musicians share the same fan base, who consistently show up to support them.

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Lydia Jazmine maintained that if it wasn’t for her upcoming concert on 1 March 204, she would have attended Rema Namakula’s concert to show her love and support.


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