Mariam Ndagire Heaps Praise On Bobi Wine For His Exceptional Talent And 2024 Oscars Nomination


Mariam Ndagire has heaped praise on singer and politician Bobi Wine in light of his documentary Bobi Wine: The People’s President nomination at the Oscars.

As a veteran singer and movie director, Mariam is delighted to witness Bobi Wine’s journey from their earlier encounters to his current status.

Being an alumnus of Makerere University, Mariam takes pride in Bobi Wine’s success, as he utilized his education in Dance and Drama to make a positive impact on society.

The creative sector, including Mariam Ndagire, congratulates Bobi Wine on the remarkable achievement of having his documentary nominated for the Oscars.

This recognition not only signifies success for Bobi Wine but also for the Ugandan film industry as a whole.

Mariam Ndagire,

Mariam Ndagire emphasizes that Uganda’s reputation has shifted from being associated with Amin and HIV/AIDS to now being recognized for Bobi Wine’s documentary.

Mariam noted that initially, Bobi Wine and the documentary director, Moses Bwayo, intended to document the proceedings in Uganda, but their work turned out to be highly acclaimed with the latest achievement being the Oscars.

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Mariam Ndagire reveals that Bobi Wine has consistently influenced his colleagues and society at large, thanks to his selective and exceptional lyrics, making him a valuable asset to the country.


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