Maro Uganda Exposes Rwandan Dance Group Ava Dance Team For Scamming His Hard Earned Money


Singer Maro, born Ronald Magada, has publicly voiced his disappointment and anger towards a dance group based in Rwanda that scammed his hard-earned money.

According to Maro, he had approached the dance group called Ava Dance Team, to provide their services for his music project.

However, after receiving the payment, the Rwanda-based dance group failed to fulfil their end of the agreement.

To Maro’s dismay, he discovered that he was not the only victim of this group’s scam. Another artist, J Wats, had also fallen prey to their deceitful tactics.

Maro Uganda

In order to protect his fellow musicians from falling into the same trap, Maro took to his Twitter/X handle to issue a warning about this untrustworthy dance group.

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By press time, the Ava Dance Team had not yet responded to the allegations; however, it is our sincere hope that they take the necessary steps to address the clims.

There is a Dance group based in Rwanda that scams Artistes in need of dance videos! They seem and look legit until you pay them! They are called “Ava Dance Team” on IG and Tiktok! Victims are Me and @JWats__ as far is I know! @Rwandapolice pic.twitter.com/DogaWV0sS2

— Marouganda (@Marouganda) January 29, 2024


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