Maulana Kasozi Granted Bail, Obligated to Pay Annual Family Facilitation of Ugx 10M


Comedian Maulana Kasozi has been released from prison after complying with the requirement to pay an annual facilitation of Ugx 10M to his baby mama, Shubira Betty Nalugya.

In the course of this week, Shubira Betty Nalugya, the mother of Maulana Kasozi’s three children, spoke to the media expressing her dissatisfaction with the comedian’s failure to fulfil his responsibilities towards his family.

Shubira further disclosed that the Mwanga II court had issued an arrest warrant for Maulana Kasozi due to his non-compliance with the court’s initial order to support his family.

Despite evading capture for several days, Maulana was eventually arrested as a petty thief while visiting one of his wives.

Yesterday, the comedian appeared before Mwanga II court in Mengo, where the Resident State Attorney instructed him to pay an annual sum of Shs10M to support his family’s needs, including school fees, rent, and food.

Maulana Kasozi in Court: Photo: CBS FM
Maulana Kasozi in Court: Photo: CBS FM

To break it down, Maulana is required to pay Ugx 830K every month, which will contribute towards his children’s education, as well as other essential expenses.

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After accepting the court’s ruling, Maulana was granted bail and later performed at Comedy Store last night.


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