Maureen Kabasita transitions from secular to gospel music

Renowned artist Maureen Kabasita has recently announced her decision to transition from singing secular music to focusing solely on gospel music.

After years of success in the secular music scene, Maureen Kabasita has decided to transition her focus solely to gospel music, a move that has been met with both surprise and admiration.

In a recent interview, Moreen Kabasita expressed regret over the mistakes she made during her time as a secular artist, particularly in resorting to publicity stunts that tarnished her image.

Moreen acknowledged that she had lost sight of her true purpose and the values she held dear, and she deeply regretted the negative impact it had on her career and personal life.

Moving forward, Moreen emphasized her commitment to spreading the message of God through her music by exclusively producing gospel songs.

Maureen Kabasita

In addition to her musical journey, Maureen Kabasita also shared a glimpse into her personal life. Despite her success and fame, she revealed that she is currently single.

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However, she remains optimistic about finding a suitable partner in the near future before sharing her preference for a tall, dark, and handsome man as her ideal companion.


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