MC Kats urges Eddy Kenzo to establish rehabs to help musicians struggling with drug addiction like Weasel

A video clip depicting singer Weasel Manizo under the influence of an unidentified substance has caused a stir on social media, with Mc Kats being the most recent to react to it.

Various entertainment industry players, have voiced their disapproval and called for action.

While responding to Martha Kay’s post on X, Kats revealed that the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), headed by Eddy Kenzo, received substantial money to help the industry.

He suggested that this money should be used to establish rehabilitation centers to assist musicians struggling with drug addiction.

However, to Kats’ disappointment, the federation members have utilized over 13 billion shillings to acquire properties and other non-relevant items.

MC Kats

MC Kats emphasized that the most valuable contribution to the industry would have been establishing a rehabilitation center.

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He expressed his dismay that an artist like Weasel, who represented the country at the BET Awards, is now being wasted due to drug-related issues.

— MC Kats (@mckatsug) May 6, 2024

@HEBobiwine has been exonerated, we all bashed him when he said the needs of the industry are bigger than the handouts that are used to buy us @eddykenzoficial @unmfederationug do something for the industry,. Drugs are taking our artistes you received 13bns but Wes is it??? pic.twitter.com/ObcAhhRTFV

— MC Kats (@mckatsug) May 6, 2024


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