Moon Avenue Management Revokes Biswanka’s Working Contract Over Disrespect – Exclusive Bizz


Moon Avenue Management officially terminated the managerial contract with singer Biswanka Derick on February 26, 2024.

VJ Moon, the CEO of Moon Avenue Management, stated that the decision was made due to Biswanka’s consistent breaches and lack of respect towards the management.

It was revealed that the singer had been disrespecting the management and fans whom they serve and hold with the highest regard.

VJ Moon emphasized that the management values professionalism and respect above all else and that they could no longer tolerate the singer’s disrespectful attitude.

The management made it clear that individuals who choose to engage with him do so at their own discretion, as they have severed all ties with the singer.


This is not the first time Biswanka has been let go over disrespect, as last year, he was expelled from Alien Skin’s Fangone Forest for similar reasons.

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On the other hand, the management announced that singer Latinum would be replacing Biswanka and requested continued support and love from the fans as they continue to strive for great music.

Furthermore, they encouraged fans to support artists who show appreciation, respect, and value the support they receive.


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