Mudra D Viral Urges Fellow Musicians With Gangs to Keep Them Away From Violence


Mudra D Viral is calling on his fellow musicians to take a stand against violence within their circles. Recently, there have been increasing incidents of clashes between gangs associated with musicians.

The most recent clash occurred in Makindye between Alien Skin’s Fangone gang and Fik Gaza’s Gaza, leading to a brutal physical altercation that caused multiple injuries.

Fik Gaza confirmed the incident during a press interview, revealing that it occurred in the early hours of Sunday.

In response to this troubling trend, Mudra took to his X handle to address his fellow musicians who have gangs.

Mudra D Viral emphasized the importance of unity among these gangs and urged their leaders, specifically musicians, to steer them away from violence.


He highlighted that he has always implemented measures to prevent such conflicts, even though they may not be commended by other artists.

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Furthermore, Mudra D Viral suggested that they could start by organizing small meetups within their camps to foster peace and collaboration instead of animosity.

Waguan my Ras Bros,hope this reaches well.Lets keep our circles away from violence. Have always had such embargos that are not even commended by any of us (Artistes) . We could start from bu small, small meet ups amongst our camps to cut the beef and share the meat !!!!!

— Mudra D’ Viral🎙️ 🇺🇬 (@Mudradviral) January 22, 2024


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