“My Fashion Choices Don't Define My Character” Shakira Shakira to Muslim Critics


Renowned singer Shakira Shakira has hit back at Muslim critics suggesting her fashion choices are a disgrace to Muslim society.

Over the years, Shakira Shakira has faced criticism from the Muslim community regarding her fashion choices.

Many have argued that her attires go against Muslim beliefs and have urged her to change. However, Shakira has responded firmly to her critics, stating that they do not have the authority to determine her worth within the Muslim society.

Shakira further explains that her fashion choices are a form of self-expression and a reflection of her personal style, which should not be dictated by anyone else. She believes that true faith lies in one’s actions and intentions, rather than outward appearances.

Shakira Shakira questioned the essence of pretending to be a devout Muslim while displaying negative behaviour and impure hearts.

Shakira Shakira

The singer emphasizes that she always ensures to dress modestly when going to the mosque, despite her usual preference for more revealing outfits.

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She asserts that she will not conform to societal expectations by veiling herself solely for the purpose of pleasing others, as her true intentions lie within her heart.


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