Nation Media Group, MTN Uganda, and YOTV Channels Collaborate to Revolutionize Uganda’s Digital Content Landscape.


Nation Media Group, MTN Uganda, and YOTVChannels have joined forces in an innovative partnership that aims to revolutionize Uganda’s digital content landscape. This collaboration marks a significant step towards reshaping the country’s digital media industry.

During a press conference held at the Kampala Serena Hotel, the three entities unveiled their strategic partnership, which focuses on transforming how audiences consume premium content online. Nation Media Group, in particular, announced a shift towards a “digital first” approach.

As part of this agreement, the YOTVChannels App will serve as the official digital platform for Nation Media Group, bringing together a wide range of offerings in one easily accessible hub. This consolidation of content will provide users with seamless access to premium content, making Nation Media Group’s diverse offerings just a click away in the digital era.

The partnership also offers several key highlights. Firstly, the YOTVChannels App will ensure that audiences have early access to a variety of content, including news, shows, and publications. This exclusive access not only keeps users up to date but also enhances their overall entertainment experience.

Furthermore, the centralization of content on the YOTVChannels platform provides unprecedented convenience for audiences. They can now access their favourite shows, news, and publications anytime and anywhere, meeting the evolving expectations of today’s digital consumers.

YOTV Channels

Lastly, through the YOTVChannels platform, audiences will have privileged access to exclusive premium content. This commitment to delivering quality journalism and entertainment underscores Nation Media Group’s dedication to providing a superior viewing experience.

Overall, this partnership between Nation Media Group, MTN Uganda, and YOTVChannels represents a groundbreaking collaboration that will transform Uganda’s digital content landscape. By embracing a “digital first” approach and offering seamless access to premium content, this partnership is set to redefine convenience and elevate the entertainment experience for audiences across the country.

Sam Barata, General Manager Commercials at Nation Media Group, conveyed his excitement regarding the partnership, emphasizing the significant opportunity it presents for audience growth and gaining valuable insights into their preferences.

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Susan Kayemba, SM Digital Service at MTN Uganda, highlighted the cost-effectiveness of their data bundles, providing customized subscriptions for specific content durations. For instance, users have the option to subscribe for an hour to access NTV news, making premium content more accessible to a wider audience.

Suzan Nsibirwa, Managing Director of Nation Media Group, stressed the partnership’s significance in offering detailed insights into audience behaviour, such as viewing habits and preferences. This data-centric approach positions the collaboration as a game-changer in enhancing audience engagement.

Aggrey Mugisha, CEO of YOTVChannels App, emphasized the transformative impact of the partnership, creating a connection like never before. With NMG Connect readily available on users’ devices, there is no need to rush home, and MTN Uganda’s affordable data rates provide users with convenient options.

This innovative collaboration signifies a crucial moment in Uganda’s media landscape, ushering in a new era of accessibility, convenience, and premium content for digital audiences.

.@YOTVChannelsUG App, the leading local streaming platform in Uganda, will serve as Nation Media’s official digital platform, consolidating NTV Uganda, Spark TV, KFM, Ennyanda, Ddembe FM, Daily Monitor.

This consolidation ensures a one-stop destination for our diverse… pic.twitter.com/X9fPALYUII

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