One Person Loses His Life In a Stampede at Lydia Jazmine’s Concert at Hotel Africana. Police Confirms – Exclusive Bizz


During Lydia Jazmine’s inaugural concert, held at Hotel Africana in Kampala on March 1, 2024, a tragic incident occurred.

The unfortunate fatality occurred due to a stampede that occurred when authorities intervened to prevent Grenade Official and his entourage from accessing the VIP section.

In the chaos that ensued, Aine Bonus, a resident of Luzira in Nakawa division, fell down and was inadvertently trampled by other concert attendees.

Immediate efforts were made to transport Aine to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention. However, despite these efforts, it was tragically too late, and Aine succumbed to his injuries en route.

The incident was confirmed by the Uganda Police during a press briefing. It is indeed a tragic event, and regrettably, it is not an isolated case at concerts in Uganda.

Lydia Jazmine First Born Concert

At the start of 2023, a similar incident took place, during the New Year celebration at Freedom City, where over ten individuals lost their lives in a stampede while rushing outside to witness fireworks.

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These incidents highlight the need for improved safety measures and crowd control protocols at such events to prevent further tragedies from occurring.


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