Pallaso’s Clash with French Tourist Over Noise Pollution Sparks Heated Argument

Pallaso found himself in a heated argument with a French tourist regarding the issue of noise pollution.

The incident took place in Kyenjojo, where the Team Good Music singer was confronted by a tourist over the disturbance caused by his music during late hours.

In a video captured by the French tourist, his discontent with the “Mama” singer’s music playing at an inconvenient time was clearly evident.

However, the singer showed no intention of reducing the volume and instead defended himself by stating that he was in his own country, Uganda, and had the freedom to do as he pleased to find happiness.

As a result of Pallaso’s actions, there has been a significant uproar on social media, with numerous users criticizing his behaviour and deeming it unnecessary.

Many argued that Pallaso’s response was disrespectful and inconsiderate towards the French tourist’s concerns.


They pointed out that being in his own country did not give him the right to disturb others and violate noise regulations.

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Others defended Pallaso, stating that he was simply expressing his freedom of expression and enjoying his music in his own country. They argued that the French tourist should have been more tolerant and understanding of the cultural differences and the vibrant atmosphere of Uganda. Some even praised Pallaso for standing up for his rights and not succumbing to external pressure.


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