Pastor Aloysius Bugingo Hints at His Wedding With Susan Makula

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries International has given a hint about his upcoming wedding with his fiancée, Susan Makula.

Despite facing criticism from both social media and the public due to his previous marriage to Teddy Naluswa, Pastor Bugingo found happiness with Susan Makula and in 2021 held their introduction ceremony.

In the midst of this societal scrutiny, Pastor Bugingo has announced his plans to legally marry Susan Makula during a church service.

He emphasized that he is prepared for any legal implications that may arise from this decision and encouraged the congregation to prepare their attire for the ceremony.

The couple is looking forward to starting this new chapter in their lives together and are excited to celebrate their love in front of their loved ones.

Despite the controversy surrounding their relationship, Pastor Bugingo and Susan Makula are determined to focus on their future together and are grateful for the love and support they have received from those who believe in their love story.

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Despite not revealing the date and venue for their wedding, the couple is looking forward to a bright and happy future as they embark on this new journey together.


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