Pastor Andrew Jengo Accused Of Selling His Father Pastor Yiga’s Property


One of the daughters of the late Pastor Yiga Austine has come forward to accuse the heir Pastor Andrew Jjengo of engaging in the sale of her late father’s assets, including the church land.

The daughter asserts that her father had left behind a will that clearly outlined how he wished for his properties to be managed.

These instructions explicitly stated that the church land in Kawala should never be sold, and emphasized the importance of preserving his “Abizaayo” car to ensure the continuation of his legacy.

Regrettably, Pastor Andrew Jengo disregarded the guidelines set forth in the will. He proceeded to sell off various properties, such as portions of the Church land, generators, and cameras. Additionally, the whereabouts of the “Abizaayo” car remain unknown.

The complainant alleges that following her father’s passing, she was forcibly removed from her position.

Pastor Andre Jjengo

She further contends that she desired her father’s properties to be organized in accordance with his wishes.

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This includes shedding light on any land that was not mentioned in the will and ensuring that all of his children, even those not involved in the will, are given due consideration.

She implored the administrator general to participate in addressing their concerns, as they, as a family, have been unsuccessful in resolving their grievances.


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