Patricia Sitya Loss Returns to Uganda After Months Hiatus in The US, Debunks Relocation Reports


Patricia Sitya Loss, the renowned Ghetto Kids dancer, has finally made her way back to the country after a few months break in the United States of America.

In the previous year 2023 Patricia Sitya Loss born Patricia Nabakooza, traveled to the USA for a brief vacation.

During her vacation in the USA, Patricia took the opportunity to explore and revitalize her young spirit.

This trip sparked speculation among internet users that she had permanently moved to the US, following the footsteps of many other prominent figures from Uganda who sought better opportunities abroad.

Patricia Sitya Loss

However, just a few days ago, Patricia returned to Uganda and resumed her usual activities of creating video skits and dance performances.

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Her group members at Triplets Ghetto Kids warmly welcomed her back, and she was even captured in a video meeting with the Buganda Queen Sylvia Nagginda.


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