Patrick Salvado Claims No Ugandan Comedy Organizer Can Afford His Comedy Services


Patrick Salvado, a renowned Ugandan comedian, has been a prominent advocate for enhancing the local comedy industry to meet global benchmarks.

He has consistently emphasized the necessity for increased investment in Uganda’s comedy sector, including improved training and opportunities for emerging comedians.

In addition to his efforts to uplift the local comedy scene, Patrick Salvado has gained recognition on the international platform.

He has showcased his distinctive style of humour at numerous comedy festivals and events worldwide, receiving praise from both audiences and critics.

Despite his achievements and popularity, Salvado remains down-to-earth and committed to giving back to his community and supporting the next generation of comedians.

He continuously pushes boundaries and challenges himself creatively, setting a remarkable standard for comedy in Uganda and beyond.

Patrick Salvador

However, Salvado firmly believes that his exceptional comedic skills make him an invaluable choice for any local comedy organizer.

He highlighted that he could easily earn his desired income by performing at comedy shows abroad while the local comedy shows he participates in are more of a supportive role rather than a paid endeavor.

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Although he did not disclose his exact fee for international shows, he emphasized that the audience he attracts prefers upscale venues such as Serena or Kololo, rather than bars.

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