Patrick Salvado claims TikTok is the biggest destroyer of talent in Uganda

Renowned comedian Patrick Salvado has revealed that the social media platform TikTok is the biggest destroyer of talents, particularly upcoming musicians.

According to Patrick Salvado, TikTok users normally latch onto half-baked songs hence making them popular with very many challenges.

They however dump it in the blink of an eye and transition onto another one and when these songs infiltrate into mainstream media they are deemed mediocre songs.

It is at this point that Patrick Salvado urged musicians that upon achieving fame, they should use their shine right and maximize their earnings because once people shift their interest, musicians won’t be given attention again until he/she has another mega song.

Patrick Salvador

The comedian clarified that he is not against TikTok, but rather advising musicians with popular songs to make much money through concerts, endorsements, and shows as the proceeds would help facilitate new hits by hiring even top-notch producers and studios.

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TikTok is the biggest destroyer of talent, especially upcoming musicians, guys can jump onto your song however mediocre it is, make it very popular with challenges.. dump it, and jump onto the next one, now when it gets to mainstream media .. people start to notice the mediocrity and before you know it … you are back to square one. So if you are to go the TikTok way especially your upcoming artists make sure you mint from that song when it’s popular, and make as much money from it as possible because once people move on .. Hoooooo your come back song should be even more Hatari which is usually is unlikely but possible.

Just to add some clarity, I’m not against TikTok .. my advice is once your song is popular please make as much money as you can from it from concerts and all shows, it’s that money that will help you facilitate new hits by hiring even better producers and studios .. but if you just do it for the likes and bampane Hehehe you will ask for water


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