Pentagon Singer Neko G Reportedly Goes Missing


Singer Neko G, born Neko Godfrey, has been reported missing after the release of his song “Pentagon.”

A couple of weeks ago, Neko released a track that appeared to be aimed at House of Prayer Ministries lead Pastor Aloysius Bugingo.

In the song, Neko talks about the funds collected by church members to construct a modern church dubbed “Pentagon.”

Nevertheless, the construction process dragged on, with the congregation continuing to worship under temporary tents.

This prompted Neko to enter the recording studio and create a song addressing the prolonged construction delays.

Neko G

However, the artist has been missing for the past three days, leaving his fans and supporters puzzled about his location.

Several internet users have connected his disappearance to the song, whereas some have viewed it as a publicity stunt commonly employed by public figures.

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Fellow singer Kid Dee was the one to bring attention to Neko’s disappearance, mentioning that he has not been seen at his salon workplace and all attempts to locate him have been unsuccessful.

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