Phoebe Reveals The Person She Entrusted With Her 2 Year Kyeyo Money Ate It All


Local content creator and media personality Rebecca Kukiriza alias Phoebe has shared her experience of losing all her repatriated “Kyeoyo” money during her time working in Saudi Arabia.

Rebecca gained popularity through her entertaining videos while working as a housemaid in the UAE.

Her fame opened doors for her upon her return to Uganda, landing her various opportunities, including a role on one of the country’s largest TV stations, Bukedde, where she hosts the “Oluyimba Lwo” lunch hour program.

However, Rebecca, who recently got married, revealed that during her time in the UAE, she entrusted her money to someone she believed in, only to discover that they had deceived her and taken all her money leaving her with nothing.

Phoebe Kukkiriza

In her quest for healing and forgiveness, Rebecca turned to her faith and sought solace in church.

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She prayed to God, asking for the strength to forgive the person who had betrayed her trust and consumed her hard-earned money as she never wished any harm upon that individual.


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