Photographer and Pia Pounds’ ex-fiance Daville Mutabazi weds Daven Briven


The couple, a few days back flew to Zanzibar Tanzania, where they held their wedding at the luxurious Lux Marijani resort.

The couple’s wedding ceremony was a grand affair, as they exchanged vows before their loved ones.

In his subsequent social media post, Daville Mutabazi vowed to commit his wife, adding that he can’t help but reflect on the journey they’ve over the years shared.

Daville Mutabazi, Daven Briven

He expressed gratitude that through the highs and lows, Daven Briven stood by him with unwavering love and support, even when he didn’t deserve it.

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My love…
As I stand here today, ready to commit my life to you, I can’t help but reflect on the journey we’ve shared. Through the highs and lows, you’ve stood by me with unwavering love and support, even when I didn’t deserve it.
For years, you were the steady hand guiding me through stormy seas, despite my shortcomings. And when success came, you were there, not for what I could offer, but for who I am.
Then, when darkness clouded my path once more, you were the light that never faltered, pulling me out of the depths of despair. Your love, your strength, your unwavering belief in me,has been my anchor in the storm.
On this day Today, I make you this promise: no matter what challenges life may bring, you will always be my first priority. I vow to cherish and honor you, to lift you up and support you, to laugh with you in times of joy and hold you close in times of sorrow.
I promise to treat you like the queen you are, to cherish every moment we share, and to never take your love for granted. What is mine is yours, my love, for we are partners in this journey of life, bound by love and commitment.
With you by my side, I am whole. With you, I am home.
I love you now and forever.” Mrs Mutabazi Daven Briven
Daville Mutabazi


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