Pia Pounds Opens Up about Selling Property to Cover Rent During COVID-19

Singer Pia Pounds recently revealed the challenges she encountered amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in the need to sell her property in order to cover her rent expenses.

In an interview with Galaxy TV, Pia mentioned the various challenges she encountered in 2020, including struggling to come up with rent money.

This was particularly tough for her as her main source of income, performances, was affected by the restrictions on nightlife and public gatherings.

She revealed that she had accumulated over three months’ worth of rent, and her landlord was unsympathetic to her situation, demanding payment and eviction.

Despite seeking help from friends in the music industry, Pia Pounds found that many of them were facing even more serious problems.

Pia Pounds

She claims that she began selling her property in WhatsApp groups, and recalls a particular individual who visited her home to purchase an item recognized her and later sent her a message after a year, reminding her of her appearance at that time.

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Despite these challenges, Pia Pounds remained resilient and determined to overcome the obstacles in her path.

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