Pia Pounds Reveals She Ditched Mutabazi Daville After He Impregnated Another Girl


Singer Pia Pounds has recently shared the reasons behind the end of her romantic relationship with city photographer Mutabazi Daville.

According to Pia Pounds, during their time together, she noticed certain warning signs, such as Daville’s infidelity, which led to constant arguments with other women who were involved with him.

Pia Pounds explained that Daville’s proposal had taken her by surprise, and she hence decided to give their relationship a chance despite the red flags she had noticed

After two weeks of being engaged, Pia Pounds decided to end the relationship upon discovering that Daville had impregnated another woman and was expecting a child with her.

Pia Pounds, Mutabazi Daville

She reached a breaking point and made the difficult decision to leave Daville and allow him to pursue a life with the pregnant woman.

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To her disappointment, the pregnant woman boasted about her victory in winning over Daville, but she too was eventually dumped as Daville moved on to date someone else.


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