Precious Remmie Confirms Pregnant With 2nd Child, Flaunts Baby Bump


Prominent media personality Precious Remmie has officially announced that she is expecting her second child.

This confirmation comes after months of speculation, triggered by a video that surfaced on social media last year, showing her with a noticeable baby bump.

Earlier today, Precious Remmie took to her social media platforms to confirm the news, expressing her excitement about the upcoming arrival. This will be her first child with her husband, Reymond Bindeeba.

The announcement has brought immense joy to Precious Remmie’s household, as she had been trying to conceive for a long time without success.

Precious Remmie

She shared photos of her pregnancy test results on her social media accounts, solidifying the confirmation.

Precious Remmie Allegedly Pregnant

In her heartfelt message, she expressed her gratitude to Allah for answering her prayers. She cryptically mentioned that she conceived in 2023 and is expected to give birth in 2024. She concluded her post by thanking Allah for this precious gift.

— Exclusive.Bizz (@Exclusive_Bizz) February 11, 2024


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