Pretty Nicole Disappears From Her Parent's Home, Reportedly Gets Married a Famous TikToker


According to recent reports on our news desk, it has come to our attention that social media sensation Pretty Nicole has gone missing from her parent’s residence and got married to one of the famous TikTokers.

These reports have been substantiated by Hajat Kulthum Nabunya, who disclosed that Nicole has not been returning to her parent’s home for several consecutive days.

Hajat further emphasized that Nicole’s mother has been diligently searching for her, yet all attempts to locate her have proven unsuccessful thus far.

The mother further highlighted that her daughter vanished from their residence after she confiscated the phone. She speculates that her daughter might have been picked by her boyfriend, who happens to be a TikToker and has been featured as the screensaver on her phone for quite some time. However, the photograph is indistinct, making it difficult to ascertain the individual’s identity.

Furthermore, Hajat Kulthum issued a stern warning to the person accompanying Nicole, urging them to allow her to return home citing she is still young with a multitude of aspirations to fulfil in the future.

Pretty Nicole

This development arose shortly after Pretty Nicole received her PLE academic results, which unfortunately did not meet expectations.

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As of the time of this publication, the whereabouts of Pretty Nicole remain unknown. Rest assured, we will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.


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