Prima Kadarshi criticizes Momo19 and TV presenters for ugly wigs and poor screen presence

Socialite Prima Kadarshi has publicly urged female TV presenters to enhance their looks while hosting their TV shows.

Taking to one of Spark TV’s Facebook comment sections, Prima Kadarshi expressed her disappointment with Momo19’s wig, who had just made her grand appearance at the gossip TV show.

In a subsequent social media post, Prima criticized TV presenters for their ugly wigs, outfits, shoes, and lipstick and their failure to hit the gym to work on their bodies.

She urged TV presenters to do better, before before going on air to maintain a positive image for their brand and media platforms.

Prima Kadarshi

Prima’s criticism has since fathered divergent opinions from social media users, as some have shown support for her views.

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Others, however, disagreed with her, asserting that the presenters she criticizes are simply living within their means.


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