Reports Suggest Hindu Kay Takes Poison Every Time She Experiences a Breakup With Geosteady


Reports have emerged from singer Geosteady and fiance Hindu Kay’s household suggesting that the latter has made multiple attempts to take her own life whenever their relationship is on the verge of ending.

The reports have emerged following the couple unfollowing each other on Instagram, birthing speculations of their possible breakup.

Hindu Kay, real name Hilder, started as Geosteady’s secretary at his studio before their feelings for each other developed. After the singer’s baby mama, Prima Kadarshi, discovered their affair, she traced the marriage exit hence leading to Hindu taking her place.

However, their relationship has faced numerous challenges, resulting in several breakups, although they have always managed to reconcile.

Unfortunately, Hindu has resorted to consuming poison on multiple occasions upon learning that Geosteady has ended their relationship.

The couple’s close friend has warned Hindu against using such extreme measures to win back Geosteady’s affection, emphasizing the potential danger she puts herself in.

Prima Kadarshi, Geosteady

The friend also mentioned that Hindu is not the first person to employ such tactics, citing an incident involving Minaj, who attempted to end her life by jumping into a speeding car but was still dumped.

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Hindu was advised to refrain from threatening to end her life and encouraged to make a final decision about her future, whether it involves moving on or not.


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